“ ASEAN B - Sustainability ”

   ASEANTA launched “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability” tourism business exchange platform to increase the international tourists spending per head from 877 USD to 1,500 USD by 2025

   Mrs.Mingkwan Metmowlee, President of ASEATA on behalf of the ASEANTA committee in collaboration with public and private partners from 10 ASEAN countries announced the new initiative to bring in tourism businesses to Thailand. ASEANTA has been successfully promoting The Sustainable Tourism industry in ASEAN to increase economic value and be environmentally friendly at the same time under a single destination marketing campaign. This year, we will strengthen human capital in tourism under the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016 - 2025.

 Now tourism as an industry is increasing rapidly, it is important to all the tourism stakeholders to not only compete and cut the price but collaborate for the most effective way in operating the businesses for sustainable growth Mrs.Mingkwan Metmowlee said. Therefore ASEANTA collaborates with “ Strategy Partners for Sustainable Event ” including the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and the Thai Travels Agents Association (ATTA) agreed to organize open table platform to discuss tourism opportunities from 10 ASEAN countries, more than 200 members.

   The initiative aimed to provide support to travel and tourism businesses to meet and exchange views under the concept of "Advancing Partnership for Sustainability" or "Sustainable long-term cooperation" in order to push ASEAN to increase the international tourists spending from 877 USD to 1,500 USD by 2025.

   ASEANTA hopes that this event will enable the tourism industry in ASEAN to grow sustainably. We appreciated the support from Thailand as a host of the event and our members look forward to future tourism business opportunities in Thailand.