Bangkok, ASEANTA Press Release: May 9, 2019 . For Immediate Release Earlier Earlier today the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) announced that Mingkwan Metmowlee (Khun Mink) has been elected as its new president. Khun Mink will assume this new role on 1 May 2019 till May 2021. Her more than two decades of experience in the tourism industry includes holding high level positions at both the corporate and association level. Currently, she is the Managing Director of IMAGE D'ASIE Company Ltd., as well as Deputy Presents of ATTA and The President of FATA (The Federation of Asian Travel Associations). Mingkwan also said that “ it is very fortunate that I have beed elected as the new president of ASEANTA as the same time of Thailand assumes chairmanship of ASEAN. I am proud to accept this prestige ASEAN tourism chairmanship in resonate with Thai government in its pivotal role. “Under my team, ASEANTA as it is well known as a world – class organization that delivers high quality services and innovative solutions for tourism industry will continue keep the comments with the best services to serve for interests of the members countries. we will initiate a collaborative policy among members countries of the FEDREATION OF ASEAN TRAVEL ASSOCIATIONS (FATA), the ASEAN HOTEL and Restaurant Associations (AHRA), as well as the related National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) in ASEAN. She added. Last but not least, I shall humbly apply The principles of the sufficiency economy philosophy in promoting sustainable tourism and tourism for all as main strategy to upgrade the quality of tourism industry achieve the bottom line of economic, social and environment of country members as well as international standards. The new ASEANTA Executive Committee Board during 2019-2021 is now composed of PRESIDENT: Mrs. Mingkwan Metmowlee ( ATTA : Thailand) VICE PRESIDENT : Mr Eddy Krismeidi Soemawilaga (Air Asia,Indonesia) SECRETARY GENERAL : Mr Nigel Wong ( MATTA: Malaysia ) TREASURER ; Miss Christina Toh ( MAH : Malaysia ) COMMITTEE: Miss Margaret Heng ( SHA : Singapore ) Mrs . Sivlin Chhay (CATA : Cambodia ) Mr. Eugene Yap (HRAP : Philippines )